Laurel Highlands Veterans Memorial Park – Application for Memorial tags and Memorial Bench.

Laurel Highlands Historical Village INC NP has built at Hinckston Dam a Memorial for all veterans past and present. We want to preserve the history and sacrifices that every veteran has made. The memorial is dedicated to every veteran who has PTSD and other war issues, a place of solitude where they can come to and find peace.  We have posts installed within the memorial for each war, starting with revolutionary war onward to Enduring Freedom and Cold War. If you would like to purchase either a name tag or memorial bench, please contact LHHV listed below. The memorial can  be reached from Benshoff Hill Road via Waterfall Road or route 271 via Hinckston Run Road (you have to park at bridge and cross bridge closed to traffic.)

Also on site is a place to hang / attach memorabilia as it applies to veteran i.e. dog tags, picture etc.

Veteran’s  Name________________________________________


Telephone number and email address_________________________________________

Branch of Service___________________________ Years Served______________________

Rank__________ Rate (Duties IC-3 or Sgt 1st class )___________________

Special awards received i.e. Purple Heart etc.  ___________________________________________________

Duty Stations ___________________________________________________________________________________

If in memory of veteran   Family member’s

name__________________________________________.   Address___________________________________.      

Telephone number and email address____________________________________.

Contact for memorial tags :  or

Mail completed form to 172 Allbaugh Park Road Johnstown PA 15909 with a check made out to LHHV for $25.00 to cover cost of tag, processing and installation fees.

Memorial bench with memorial tag attached $275.00 send check to address shown above.

 Thank you for your service to our country. 

E Mail [email protected]    For more information contact LHHV  Secretary Patti  814- 288-7017