Laurel Highland’s Historical Village



  1.       All display items must comply with all Federal, Provincial and Municipal laws and   standards regarding the display  ……of items to public. 
  2. Laurel Highland’s Historical Village, Incorporated  N.P. reserves the right to locate your vendor booth.
  3. Vendor’s merchandise must be displayed in a manner approved by LHHV.  
  4. The vendor must supply his/her own equipment such as chairs, tables, tent and other items of concern.
  5. Display and signage must not be higher than 5 feet above floor level and should not block sight lines. 
  6. All displays must be deemed safe and aesthetically pleasing. 
  7. Signage shall contain no misleading information. (No tacking of signs/banners to trees or village buildings). No  ……political signs of any manner are allowed on Duman Lake Park property.
  8. Common aisles must be kept clear of all equipment and stock at all times.  All additional equipment must be stored …..out of view within the assigned rental space. 
  9.       Vendors are solely responsible for set up, break down and cleanup of the assigned rental space.
  10. All Vendors must park their vehicles after unloading in designated areas.
  11. Throughout the duration of your stay you are responsible for all of your own waste. Please bring garbage bags, or ……whatever else you may need to take care of this.  We will provide proper disposal containers for all trash. 
  12. Loading and unloading is permitted in the designated loading zones only. Parking is not permitted in these areas. 
  13. Vendors are also allowed to walk about and hand out pamphlets, for your vendor items.
  14. Vendors must be present & participate in both days of the Festival, opening until closing; hours listed below
  15. Asking all vendors to make a donation for our Silent Auction. ( Supporting veterans in need)


  1.       The Cambria County Arts and Heritage Festival is not responsible for theft, bodily injury, or damage to the property of the vendors and is absolved of any legal proceedings for any reason.
  2. The Festival will select and limit the number of vendors selling food and/or beverage items in the best interest of the festival.
  3. The Festival is the sole vendor of Raffle Tickets, 50/50, and other lottery items.
  4. Vendors are to know and meet the local and state food handling laws, requirements and to pay necessary permit fees. Vendors may begin booth set up Friday after 3pm. Vendors should be set up no later than 9:30am on Saturday. Safe Serv Certificate copy and insurance coverage copy should be mailed with vendor application.
  5. Vendors are to sell only those items listed on their application and approved by the Festival Committee
  6. Special accommodations may be required for those vendors who use a trailer.
  7. Floor space must be covered as per state food handling laws.
  8. Menus must be displayed with prices clearly marked. Attractive handmade signs are preferred. Vendors with high quality products and reasonable prices will be given priority.

Hours of Operation:

  1. Vendors are to be fully operational no later than 10 a.m. and begin break down no earlier than specified park closing time. Saturday dusk Sunday 6 PM  
  2. Set up will be allowed on Friday September 20, 2019 after 3 PM.


Rates:  Crafting Rate is $35.00 per day for a  10 x 10 booth – A 10 x 20 Booth is $70.00 a day

Food Vendors Rate is $50.00 per day for a 10 x 10 booth – A 10 x 20 booth is $100.00 a day. Larger sizes will be negotiated.

Non Profit Groups are Free. 

Payment:  Payments must be made in cash or by check payable to Laurel Highlands Historical Village, Incorporated, N.P. 

Laurel Highlands Historical Village, Incorporated N.P. reserves the right to adjust or alter the policies and regulations as necessary for the operation of the Event.