Laurel Highland’s Historical Village Inc. N.P.

Laurel Highlands Historical Village is sponsoring a 2-day Arts and Heritage Festival at Duman Lake Park on Saturday Sept 14, 2024 and Sunday September 15, 2024. We are inviting Arts and Craft Vendors, food vendors, artisans, reenactors, county agencies, living history groups, and non-profits to attend our event. Our event allows you to market your products.  This event is in its 6th year and promises to be bigger and better.  The event will show case not only your business but your history and future. We will have musical entertainment, crafts and food vendors, artisans, non-profit agencies sharing what service their organization provides in the community and the history of their organization and encampments depicting the different military camps during different war eras. 

You can find the application online at under the Festival 2024 application. There will also be an application as an attachment to this email.  If you need an application mailed to you, please call Patti at 814-288-7017 or email her at [email protected].

We look forward to your attendance & ask that you share the application with any friends who do  arts & crafts, belong to a non- profit, Reenactors, commercial vendors & anyone who wants to showcase their history or business.

Any questions, please call Patti at 814-288-7017 or email at [email protected]

Highlights this year at the Cambria County Arts & Heritage Festival 2024

• Unlimited Outdoor activities including: Biking, Hiking, Fishing, Boating, Camping, Wildlife, and much more.

• Show casing a variety of Non-Profit groups who plan on having great exhibits. Many NP groups attending.

• Galliker’s Dairy – Antique Ice cream Wagon (Free Samples) 

• Barony of St Swithin’s Bog Will Show case their skills as used in 16th Century and small-scale Village. 

• Two full days of entertainment including: 

• Stars Wars Garrison 

• Tammy Carlson-Little Egyptian Dancer 

• Church service on Sunday ( It will be an authentic Civil War Service, 9 AM 

• Full engagement of Civil War Battles. Civil War camps open to 

• Living History groups displaying their history.

• Duman Park Playground, Hiking Trails, Fishing and Boating 

• Advertising in Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Altoona, Erie, State College and local county.   

• Opening ceremony giving thanks to our veterans on Saturday Morning 10 AM. Muster at 9:30 am in large field wedding pavilion 

• Children’s Activities and games. 

• Various Military Groups will be on site to provide support.

• Pennsylvania State Police Providing a tour of their equipment, finger printing children etc.

• Antique Tractors  

• Vendor Parking Close to your setup. Ice on hand if needed. Small Charge for ice. 

• Traveling Entertainers about the park: Dancers, Musicians, Artist, Jugglers, Clowns, Magicians and much more. 

Please contact Executive Director, Ron Shawley if interested call  814-241-6123 or [email protected]

or Secretary/Treasurer Patti Defibaugh at 814-288-7017  or [email protected]  for applications.

We also encourage folks to role play dress the part i.e. ethnic dress, any style from our past.   

Thank You for Your Support and Consideration:  

Ron Shawley Executive Director

Laurel Highlands Historical Village 2024 Application


September 14 and 15, 2024

From Saturday 10am until 6pm and Sunday 10am until 5pm. Postmark Deadline August 01,2024             Name of Business    ___________________________________________

Contact Person______________________________________________

Telephone\Cell Phone Contact_________________________________

Street Address_______________________________________________

City______________________________ State______________ Zip Code_________   

Email address____________________________Website_______________________

TAX ID Number _________________

[ ] Arts & Craft Single Booth Fee (10×10) $40.00 one day Double Booth Fee 10 x 20 $75.00 one day.
[ ] Arts & Craft single Booth 2 days $80.00 Double Booth 2 days $155.00
[ ] Food Booth Fee (10×10) $75.00 a day Double Booth fee 10 x 20 $150.00 a day
[ ] Non-Profit Organization Free. Indicate if you plan to sell items. Photos required of items and $ price.
[ ] Artisan Vendors (10×10) $50.00 a day Double Booth fee 10 x 20 $100.00 a day

[  ] Commercial Vendor Fee $50.00 a day – Two days $95.00

[  ] Food Vendors must provide their own generator.

[ ] Electric Fee $5.00 (electric is limited, there will be NO sharing of electric)  Reason Electricity Needed and type of plug ___________________________

ENTIRE PAYMENT MUST BE SUBMITTED WITH APPLICATION There will be a $40.00 fee for each returned check from your bank.
Make checks payable to Laurel Highlands Historical Village (LHHV) and mail payment to Patti  Defibaugh 434 Locust St., Roaring Spring, PA 16673
IMAGES OF your display MUST BE EMAILED TO: [email protected]. Submit one(1) file (JPEG or GIF) for each image. PHOTOS : Must be emailed prior to the event.

Any Vendor not registered with LHHV via an application will NOT be permitted to set-up at the event. No Exceptions.

Any unregistered vendor will be asked to leave immediately.

This application serves as a contract for exhibiting at the Cambria County Arts & Heritage Festival. Upon acceptance, exhibitors in the festival will be held to the rules and guidelines listed in this contract. Please read carefully and retain a copy of the application/contract and conditions of the event for your records. LHHV Reserves the right to include or exclude any Vendor. The Cambria County Arts and Heritage Festival and LHHV is not responsible for theft, bodily injury, or damage to the property of the vendors and is absolved of any legal proceedings for any reason. VENDOR POLICIES AND PROCEDURES are considered a part of this application, please read. Asking every vendor to donate one item from your booth for the basket party which supports our Veterans.

Signed by_____________________________________

Title of signee _________________________________

Mail application along with signed copy of rules to Laurel Highlands Historical Village (LHHV) c/o Patti Defibaugh, 434 Locust Street, Roaring Spring, PA 16673. Questions Email [email protected] or call 814-288-7017. Please remember to keep a copy for your records.

LHHV web site  to view photos of last year’s event or visit our Facebook

We plan to have musical entertainment, craft and food vendors, artisans, non-profit agencies sharing what service their organization provides in the community and the history of their organization and encampments depicting the different military camps during different war eras.

Please contact Treasurer Patti Defibaugh at 814-288-7017 or [email protected]m

 We also encourage folks to role play dress the part i.e. ethnic dress, any style from our past.  

Thank You for Your Support and Consideration: Ron Shawley Executive Director


Laurel Highlands Historical Village



  1. All display items must comply with all Federal, Provincial and Municipal laws and standards regarding the display of items to public.  
  2. Laurel Highlands Historical Village, Incorporated N.P. reserves the right to locate your booth.
  3.  Vendor’s merchandise must be displayed in a manner approved by LHHV.   
  4. The vendor must supply his/her own equipment such as chairs, tables, tent and other personal items.
  5. Display and signage must not be higher than 5 feet above floor level and should not block sight lines.  
  6. All displays must be deemed safe and aesthetically pleasing.  
  7. Signage shall contain no misleading information. (No tacking of signs/banners to trees or village buildings). NO Political signs of any manner are allowed on Duman Lake Park property. 
  8.   Common aisles must be kept clear of all equipment and stock at all times.  All additional equipment must be stored out of view within the assigned rental space.  
  9. Vendors are solely responsible for set up, break down and cleanup of the assigned rental space.
  10. All Vendors must park their vehicles after unloading in designated areas. 
  11. Throughout the duration of your stay you are responsible for all of your own waste.  Please bring garbage bags, or whatever else you may need to take care of this.  We will provide proper disposal containers for all trash.  
  12.   Loading and unloading is permitted in the designated loading zones only.  Parking is not permitted in these areas.  
  13. Vendors are also allowed to walk about and hand out pamphlets, for your craft items.
  14. Vendors must be present & participate in both days of the festival, opening until closing; hours listed below. Vendors must stay for the entire day of event. No tear down early. 

Any non-registered vendor will be asked to leave asap. 

  1. LHHV request all vendors make a donation for our basket Party. (Supporting veterans in need)


  1. The Cambria County Arts and Heritage Festival is not responsible for theft, bodily injury, or damage to the property of the vendors and is absolved of any legal proceedings for any reason. 
  2. The Festival will select and limit the number of vendors selling food and/or beverage items in the best interest of the festival. 
  3. The Festival is the sole vendor of Raffle Tickets, 50/50, and other lottery items. 
  4. Vendors are to know and meet the local and state food handling laws, requirements and to pay necessary permit fees. Copies of Safe Serv Certificates and insurance are required with application.
  5. Vendors are to sell only those items listed on their application and approved by the Festival Committee. 
  6. Special accommodations may be required for those vendors who use a trailer. 
  7. Floor space must be covered as per state food handling laws. 
  8. Menus must be displayed with prices clearly marked. Attractive handmade signs are preferred. Vendors with high quality products and reasonable prices will be given priority. 

List items to be sold in this space.





Hours of Operation: 

  1. Vendors are to be fully operational no later than 10 a.m. and begin break down no earlier than specified park closing time. Saturday 6pm  &. Sunday 5  PM  
  2. Set up will be allowed on Friday September 13, 2024  after 3 PM. 

Laurel Highlands Historical Village, Incorporated N.P. reserves the right to adjust or alter the policies and regulations as necessary for the operation of the Event.