Penn’s Wood’s Project, the educational element of LHHV, has joined forces with the Pennsylvania College Access Program.  Your ongoing support will aide in the further education for thousands of students in the months to follow.  We will continue to promote your products in a positive manner, to everyone we meet. We are the students of Penn’s Wood’s Project, located in Western Pennsylvania, and we need your continued support! Heading into 2019 we plan on having educational events including: Fishing & Boating – Photography Classes – Veterans Support – Conservation and Wildlife classes – Food Drives and much more.  We want to show case your products, and encourage consumers to purchase same, this has been our ongoing task to make consumers aware of your products.


Ron our director could run a series of blogs about you products on accuweather.com

We continue to use www.accuwether.com social media section as our way of reaching people in North America. The web site has over 300 million hits a day. We post videos and pictures of products you send us, on the site.


Photography Classes for everyone during the year

During the year we have a series of classes on photography, production, video production and matting and framing. We conduct our classes at a number of locations including: Hinckston Dam Pavilion, Chickareee Summit and other locations. Please keep in mind we are seeking donations of used cameras,video cameras, any camera equipment, tripods, matting material, and picture frames, with or without pictures.