Laurel Highlands Historical Village was founded in 2003 as nonprofit  organization to promote appreciation and        understanding of the rich  cultural and ethnic  diversity of the South Western Pennsylvania  Highlands. The Laurel        Highlands is home to diverse array of people  who            emigrated from their homelands to join the Native         Americans  who lived here for generations. The immigrants worked as farmers,  merchants, coal and iron miners,       steelworkers,      railroaders, teachers, pastors, and in every profession that is part of American society. As  our nation forged itself into a nation of liberty, and our economy grew  to offer opportunities, the Laurel Highlands became a     magnet for freed slaves and immigrants from every           continent. As a result, we enjoy a rich array of cultural      diversity that rivals any place in the world. Our region is truly an  example of the “American Melting Pot” where diverse cultures work hard together to build a better life.

The mission and goal of the LHHV is to provide programs and opportunities to understand our history, to appreciate the  accomplishments of our ancestors, and to understand how differences in our cultural heritage contribute to, and    strengthen American society. In short, LHHV exists to       illuminate the real value of cultural diversity when it exists in an  atmosphere of understanding, cooperation, and working   together.

LHHV pays special attention to the need for future            generations to learn the customs, traditions and practices of their ancestors. We lead field trips on trails through our hills, take kids fishing, and we show them the mills and factories where their  grandparents worked so hard. In addition, LHHV    operates our “Penns woods Project” which provides           refurbished computers, recycled from businesses, to students who cannot afford these tech-tools that are necessary for their   education. Join us as we continue to grow! Your    interests, talents and knowledge are very valuable to us.        If you would like to be part of LHHV, please contact us via        E Mail,  US Mail or Phone. in-kind contributions gratefully accepted


Mission Statement

To provide a forum to inspire, motivate and teach young people about their rich cultural and ethnic Inheritance through storytelling, handicrafts and skills demonstrations and seminars, period architecture, garments, tools and lifestyles.  We want to provide a powerful and vivid experience that is both entertaining and educational, and engenders in our children and youth interest in the many and varied ethnicities which shaped our nation.

As an historical venue, the Laurel Highlands         Historical Village seeks to create an ethnic-centered heritage village reflecting life in earlier times and is accessible to the public. We hope to showcase the contributions, skills and talent of many ethnic groups who shaped the progress of this region.

The Village will be created on a tract of land, and will be complete with replicas of buildings, gardens and trails as well as domestic and work-related features common to the Laurel Highlands region pre-industrial revolution. LHHV’s focus will be on areas such as glass blowing, textiles, agronomy, conservation, blacksmithing, music, farming, food, arts and crafts, with emphasis on teaching the skill in the context of various era lifestyles.